VAER watches favourite 5 star reviews!

Below is a review I wrote on VAER’s website after purchasing their C3 Korean Quartz Field watch. They included it in their top 20 favourite reviews and this inspired me to start this Blog. It was also included in this video below for their favourite five star reviews where they discuss the details and what they particularly liked.

Do take a look at their website if you are looking for a quality Field or Dive watch. Their collections are constantly growing as they produce everyday usable watches that are also great looking and affordable!

Firstly I’d like to thank Ryan and Reagan on their first-class customer service and commitment to their customers! They have created a brand that produces quality, robust and attractive timepieces at an affordable price. That was their vision from the start and they achieved it.

I was after a sturdy field watch and was initially looking at the Khaki Field 38mm but particularly wanted a Quartz movement for accuracy and more pick up and go. The Quartz Khaki had more of a sandblasted finish which I wasn’t keen on. Add to that the long lug to lug I had to search elsewhere.

Thankfully I came across VAER, the C3 Korean Field immediately caught my eye and after waiting for a restock I managed to pick one up!

Only 4 days delivery to the UK and it comes very well presented. The silicone strap is great quality and perfect for the sea while the bracelet fits very well with the quick release bars. A simple, clear dial that harks back to the original Korean Field watches, with domed Sapphire crystal that has AR coating! Find that at this price point elsewhere! Initially I was concerned the case would be too thin at 8.5mm but the almost slab sides makes it feel thicker. It’s super comfortable too and fits my 6.25 inch wrist perfectly. Brushing is superb and echoes exactly that on the bracelet so is seamless.

This is my first VAER but it certainly won’t be my last!

Why we chose it: This is an all-around superb review, not only detailing a very relatable shopping experience, but also the on-wrist fit, and the shipping timeline. As a brand that has always faced challenges around shipping (especially international) it’s very encouraging to hear from owners like Oscar when things go right.

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